Weekend ITC Tournaments Review - 8/11

Competition, August 13, 2018

My weekly update & analysis of Thousand Sons tournament results.

How you get on this list?

I’ll be qualifying any ITC tournaments or other major events (such as LVO, Adepticon, etc) and looking at the top lists for Thousand Sons as well as a brief look at the meta and what did well overall. I don’t really have any qualifiers or strict rules I’ll be going by for selecting lists other than the obvious top finisher or two.

Disclaimer: I do not take the time to verify points/valid selections. I’m simply doing my best to translate what was published for their list.

Lists for Weekend of 8/11

Mark Perry - 2nd/64 Warzone: Giga-Bites Georgia

First of all, Thousand Sons were running wild out in Georgia this weekend. 3 of the top 7 armies overall were Thousand Sons. At the top was Mark Perry, who went undefeated ultimately lost out to brothers in the Alpha Legion for best overall by 10pts.

Thousand Sons Supreme Command

Chaos Daemons Battalion

Chaos Daemons Battalion

Here’s what Mark faced:

  1. Necrons (Win)
  2. Chaos Daemons (Win)
  3. Drukhari (Win)
  4. Chaos Space Marines (Win) - Black Legion, Nurgle, Thousand Sons
  5. Ultramarines (Win)

Mac Steil - 4th/64 Warzone: Giga-Bites Georgia

Unfortunately, Mac’s list was never uploaded to BCP so, it’s unknown what he was using.

Colin Watts - 7th/64 Warzone: Giga-Bites Georgia

Unfortunately, Colin’s list was never uploaded to BCP so, it’s unknown what he was using.