Weekend ITC Tournaments Review - 7/30

Competition, July 30, 2018

My weekly update & analysis of Thousand Sons tournament results.

How you get on this list?

I’ll be qualifying any ITC tournaments or other major events (such as LVO, Adepticon, etc) and looking at the top lists for Thousand Sons as well as a brief look at the meta and what did well overall. I don’t really have any qualifiers or strict rules I’ll be going by for selecting lists other than the obvious top finisher or two.

Disclaimer: I do not take the time to verify points/valid selections. I’m simply doing my best to translate what was published for their list.

Lists for Weekend of 7/30

Mathew Allee - 4th/16 Grimdark GT

First up we have Matthew’s list from Grimdark. Now, normally this event would not qualify however, when you crack the entry list open you see it was a who’s who of the Texas tournament circuit and thus, worthy of some mention here. Also, Matthew is running something we haven’t really seen in big numbers yet - the new FW Termite Drills.

Thousand Sons Battalion

Thousand Sons Battalion

Daemons Auxillary Support

Here’s what Matthew faced:

  1. Tyranids (Win) - Genestealers, Hive Guard, Hive Tyrants (Win)
  2. Drukhari (Tie) - Venom Spam
  3. Craftworlds (Loss) - Mix of Reapers / Ravagers
  4. Tyranids (Win) - Hiveguard / Genestealers
  5. Necrons (Win) - Tomblades, Destroyers, Doomsday Arks

Whats really impressive about this is that Allee tied one of the top-ranked ITC players with his list and did so against a list that’s really strong (Venom Spam). Also worth mentioning is that the Seer’s Bane is a forgotten relic right now but a REALLY powerful one when you factor in that you get to double your strength against anything with LD 9 or higher, which as it turns out, are a lot.

Carlos Kaiser - 6th/135 Bay Area Open

The Bay Area Open (BAO) is one of the biggest tournaments of the year. This year there were 135 entries so, for Carlos to make it into the top 10 is an amazing result and congratulations are well deserved.

Thousand Sons Battalion

Alpha Legion Patrol

World Eaters Battalion

Here’s what Carlos faces:

  1. Nurgle Daemons (Win) - 90 Plaguebearers, Mortarion
  2. Imperial Knights (Win) - Castellan, Valiant, Gallant, and Soup
  3. T’au (Win) - Suite Soup
  4. Imperial Knights (Win) - 3x Gallants, Guard Soup
  5. Deathguard (Loss) - Plagueburst Crawlers, Renegade Knights, Blightlord Terminators
  6. T’au (Win) - Riptides, Stealthsuits

An awesome result for Carlos. It would be great to get some Q&A with him on how he played the list, which has a lot of mobility and is surprisingly shooty - as well as to get his take on how the match went vs Deathguard.

Michael Timpe - 14th/135 Bay Area Open

Next up we have Michael who also placed exceptionally well at BAO. Here’s what Michael was running:

Thousand Sons Supreme Command

Alpha Legion Battalion

Renegade Knights Super-Heavy Detachment

Here’s what Michael faced:

Overall, Michael had a real tough early-go and Custodes is a real tough matchup for Chaos. But hats off to the tight wins in rounds 2-4. While Michael’s list isn’t featuring anything outside of their strong HQ choices, he gets the nod here for showing how to splash in other Chaos with them to be effective.