Weekend ITC Tournaments Review - 7/21

Competition, July 22, 2018

This is going to be a new series of posts that I’m starting where I dig up how Thousand Sons have done in tournaments the previous weekend and post their lists here for your enjoyment.

How you get on this list?

I’ll be qualifying any ITC tournaments or other major events (such as LVO, Adepticon, etc) and looking at the top lists for Thousand Sons as well as a brief look at the meta and what did well overall. I don’t really have any qualifiers or strict rules I’ll be going by for selecting lists other than the obvious top finisher or two.

Disclaimer: I do not take the time to verify points/valid selections. I’m simply doing my best to translate what was published for their list.

Lists for Weekend of 7/21

Liam Pendergast - 26th/89 Wintercon Major (Australia)

Here’s what Liam faced:

  1. Ultramarines w/ Drop Pods (Win)
  2. Knights & Tempestos (Loss)
  3. Knights & Armigers (Win)
  4. Dark Eldar Wyches (Loss)
  5. Knights & Armigers (Win)

Overall a great placing for Liam in a very large tournament, nearly 90 entries. You can tell he geared up for Knights with his 3x Lascannon Predators. Sure enough he paired up pretty well though, I suspect something went terribly wrong in his first loss to Knights (possibly getting seized on or rolling bad saves on Magnus). Dark Eldar are a really tough matchup for Thousand Sons.

Aidan Barkley - 2nd/43 Show-Me Showdown GT

Daemons Battalion

Thousand Sons Battalion

Thousand Sons Battalion

Here’s what Aidan faced:

  1. Drukhari (Win)
  2. Blood Angles (Win)
  3. T’au 2x Yvahra (Loss)
  4. Deathwatch (Win)
  5. T’au Riptides & Broadside (Win)

Aidan’s matches paired up pretty well except for that 2x Yvahra list. Having face it myself at Dallas this year, I can say that not having Magnus to punch them in the face makes it a really tough battle. Kudos to Aidan though, as the match was super close 25-22 so, he gave them a really good run. Overall awesome placing for Adan in a respectably-sized tournament.

Alex Stewart - 13th/48 Tabletop Gaming Expo GT (Reading, CT)

Daemons Battalion

Thousand Sons Supreme Command

Death Guard Super Heavy Aux

Here’s what Alex faced:

  1. Thousand Sons w/ Decimators (Win)
  2. Alpha Legion Obliterators & Cultists (Win)
  3. Deathguard & Plaguebearers (Loss)
  4. Ultramarines with Girlyman (Loss)
  5. Deathguard & Knights (Win)

Really tough matchups for Alex - a mirror match Tsons, mirror match Plagubearers, and then Ultramarines to round it out. His loss to the Plaguebearer army was super close. Overall, awesome placing and a cool take on Magnus & Mortarion.

Mitch Khwaja - 14th/48 Tabletop Gaming Expo GT (Reading, CT)

Deathguard Battalion

Death Guard Super Heavy Aux

Thousand Sons Supreme Command

Here’s what Mitch faced:

  1. Guard with Shadowsword & Knight (Loss)
  2. Necrons (Win)
  3. Drukhari (Win)
  4. Tempestos & Knights (Win)
  5. Ultramarines Girlyman (Loss)

Mitch was running a slightly different take on Magnus/Mortarion, this time using Poxwalkers instead of Plaguebearers. Interesting enough, Mitch faced the same list that Alex did round 4 - Girlyman and his Ultramarines.